Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

At a first glance, all inflatable SUP boards look very similar, but there are actually many different design variations which can make a big difference to how and where they should be used. Amazingly, the Supflex inflatable paddle board, that weighs only 22 lbs, has a weight capacity of 350 Lbs and it carries that weight on a relatively small size profile of just 10' x 30” x 6”. The wrong paddle board will give you a clumsy, strenuous experience: the perfect inflatable SUP for you will make paddle boarding a pleasure.

If you're prioritizing speed and weight over durability, consider getting a single-layered inflatable stand up paddle board. Security - Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards can be rolled up into your vehicle, no need to buy an expensive rack. In the package, the manufacturers have included a bag, a pump and a large removable center fin.

The unrivalled practicality of inflatable boards would be pointless if they didn't perform to the highest standards. Softer surface: People falls from surfboards at some point especially when some is surfing the webs or just getting used to surfing. If you're travelling, don't have a lot of room to store a board, or want to transport your board by bike, public bus or airplane, an inflatable SUP is the right way to go. There are inflatable boards for every SUP scenario.

Inflatable paddleboards found on eBay are designed for durability and strength with weight limits of up to 250 pounds. Inflatable versus hard paddleboards: Learn the pros and cons of blow-up boards. The Pau Hana Malibu is a plastic paddle board that has changed the concept of plastic boards.

Large-sized boards with planing hulls can be quite stable, so there are lots of boards geared to beginners with this design. If you are already familiar with SUP, and want to learn more about Stand Up Paddle boards, paddles, and related gear, you can delve deeper with our Inflatable Paddle Board Buyer's Guide or use our board selector and compare tools.

You can literally walk to the water's edge, unpack the board and inflate it in roughly five minutes using our Titan Pump Thanks to its special design, this pump halves the time it takes to fill boards using a conventional pump while using less energy - it also fits into the backpack with the board so it's easy as pie to transport.

Effective, light and easy to store or carry, the inflatable paddle boards offer all the benfits of the classical SUPS. The 2+1 fin system allows paddlers to select a best-fit depending on whether touring through calm waters or heavier waves. The best yoga inflatable SUP boards are long and wide, providing a large, stable surface area for trying out ambitious yoga positions.

The drop stitch design features and general construction allow for most boards to be inflated to anywhere between 15 - 25psi making a rigid platform suitable for all paddlers. With stand up paddle boarding being one of the fastest growing sports in the world, more and more people discover the pleasure of the ride.

Some of the higher-price point plastic boards can be lighter but much like almost all plastic paddle boards their looks are quite bland, with simple color schemes and graphics. A detached, airtight center fin keeps your ISUP and you well-grounded to further encourage a zen-style ride.

We provide cost effective equipment for all areas of stand up paddling - paddles, boards, accessories and packages. This inflatable paddle board inflatable stand up paddle board is an all-round board. If you're new to inflatable stand up paddling then you probably won't notice a huge difference between a well-inflated SUP board and a hard board.

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